AAtop’s mission

Keeping enterprise’s vitality, becoming the global leader in our field, creating original products, bringing benefit to our world wide customers.

AAtop’s aim

Becoming success with customers: Providing both complete and high quality service within legal range to meet the needs of customers.

Developing with employees: Employees are the essential of an enterprise: we provide our employees comfortable work condition, good chance and space for developing themselves .

Improving ourselves with society: Helping society to build market system, we boost the economic development and fulfill our social responsibilities.

Sharing profit with shareholders: Ensuring that the interests of shareholders to maximize, we pay attention to shareholders’ value .

Our spirit of enterprise: WILD-GEESE-SPIRIT

We keep smile, loyalty, enthusiasm and development.

AAtop’s management philosophy

Our business philosophy: We grow with our customers.

Our product philosophy: We treat the quality and the improvement of our products as the essential of keeping an enterprise’s vitality.

Our service philosophy: From the people, for the people.

Our talent philosophy: We use our great business to move people, good company benefits to attract people, excellent enterprise-culture to rally people and advantageous condition to improve people.

Our cost philosophy: We try our best to save every bit of resources.

AAtop’s values

Keeping our promises: Honesty make a man.

Remembering our responsibilities: Taking responsibility as glory, using responsibility to bring benefit.

Using result as criteria evaluation: We are proud for getting achievements and shame for no results.

Continuing to improve: Meeting customers’ need and keeping improve ourselves.


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